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Tool deposits in wood and garden storage boxes also made to size.

Cabinets in wood to furnish not only the garden, but also homes.

Wooden storage chests. Excellent for storage in the garden and home.

Production of garden furniture and more

BellHouse, in addition to door canopies, also produces garden furniture such as custom tool deposits. In addition to garden furniture, BellHouse can also produce cabinets, storage boxes and chests in wood for indoors.

All creations are strictly hand-made and Made in Italy, using quality materials. The aim is to provide long-lasting, practical garden furniture, which is also pleasing on the eye. This way, your garden will always be in perfect order and look exquisite.

If you need furniture for your garden or home, don’t hesitate to contact BellHouse. We will help you find the right solution that satisfies all your needs.