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    Pensilina modello Alba Riccio

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Realization and sale of custom-made shelters polycarbonate, iron and wood, canopies and covers for terraces and outdoor, garden furniture.

The Bellhouse company is the result of years of work and experience made on behalf of the company stand Daniela well known Snc in Padua, in his province and all over the Veneto. The Cavalletto Daniela Snc is a family craft that was born in the early 70s with the production of arelle shade and then it has specialized in the creation and sale of custom-made shelters. The arelle shade were the ones to give the cue to start a business on the construction and sale of all the details on furniture and accessories outside of the house and garden. The first shells were with reeds and were, and still are, beautiful umbrellas. The next step, in the '80s and' 90s, was to use the wood for the design and construction of roofs, carports, canopies tailored polycarbonate, wood and iron, to the furniture and the needs of the house . Wood is a material with an incomparable beauty, it can give color and forms, the most varied possible; our wooden shelters are proof. One of our wooden shelter or iron gives harmony and originality to your home, this is because they are unique and original products, 100% Italian craftsmanship and stand out in the world.

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